Synthesis of alternative energy credits

The workshop summary explain how grassroots alternative energy installed on our school farm, such fotoboltàica solar energy, geothermal energy, treatment of waste water using a biological treatment plant, solar thermal and wind energy.

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Alternative energy
Structure of the synthetic work :
Explained and detailed in each energy there are some exercises that will make the students individually to then expose it together.
Students will be assessed both in the classroom and in all other tasks and recreation.
It is a trip to the river with trails for samples and then make the kind of sustainability and nature.
It is also climbing and swimming in small groups .
The monitors are in charge of classes such as day and night animation .
Also make nest boxes mounted for workgroups who take to school .
The solar furnace built also they take to school .
The evaluation of students will be given to the teacher in charge.

Sustainability and Nature
Leaving the Farm School to get around by bicycle to the river Llobregat. Once you arrive you can see the features and elements that has its flora , such as poplar , oak or elders , as well as smaller sized plants like rattan, reeds , and what we might create some of them. Then we enter within its volume by observing the fauna of the river and the species as the common crayfish , frogs , ducks, crows , etc.

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